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Author Topic: SOLD:: $95...NOS ZODIAC Super Sea Wolf & SST Astrographic Bracelet from the 70's  (Read 2550 times)

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Offering a NOS (never been on a watch or worn) Zodiac Bracelet from the 70's. Came from a closed ZODIAC Service Center. Zodiac introduced the  Super Sea Wolf in 1971. The 1971 Zodiac Catalog shows  the Super Sea Wolf on a similar bracelet. The same catalog also shows a round SST Astrographic on this bracelet.  I've included pictures of my Super Sea Wolf on an identical bracelet so you can see how nice it looks. This is the way I wear mine.
18 mm ends tapering to 16 mm at the clasp
61/4" long
Signed on inside clasp:
Metalink Drema
All Stainless Steel.

This bracelet comes with 18mm end pieces professionally custom made especially for this bracelet. The SST Astrographic has 18mm lugs and the bracelet will fit with no modification.   The 70's SSW has 19mm lugs. They are made so the watch covers the end pieces. I am including a 1.75" piece of .125mm od clear tubing.
Included will also be a new single edge razor blade. The tubing can be cut to make washers so that the 18mm end pieces work on the 19mm lugs. I have used this same tubing on my SSW and with my  Olongapo bracelets with good results. Best of all, they are almost invisible on exposed lugs.

Perfect for your 70's Super Sea Wolf or any Zodiac with 18mm lugs and larger.
This bracelet will not fit vintage ZODIAC Sea Wolf, Aerospace GMT and Sea Skate watches without rubbing the the lug ends..

Sorry, but the Super Sea Wolf in the photos is not included.

Price  was $135 via normal paypal.....NEW PRICE $95
Price was $130 via alternate paypal method with no fees to me. NEW PRICE $92
Free USPS shipping within the US. (either payment method OK)
Will  ship International  for an additional $12.
Thanks for looking.
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Re: FS: REDUCED to $95...NOS ZODIAC Super Sea Wolf Bracelet $135..
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Good spammer is a dead spammer  :ar15;


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