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Author Topic: Watch repair question about Cauny crown with strange winding behavior  (Read 16173 times)

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I don't know if this question will end up in the watch repair section.  sorry if I've made a mistake.

I bought a ladies Cauny Submarine Antichos divers mechanical watch.  It is small and pretty with a blue dial, bulbous crystal and a so-so looking bezel.  It is in good shape cosmetically.  It does not say Jewel on the face, but I can see many jewels when I remove the back.  It does not say "Automatic".

The problem is that the watch winds and sets the time all at once.  I cannot pull the crown out.  When I try to unscrew the crown like with a true diver's watch, it does not unscrew, but the time hands move backward.  When I move the crown clockwise the hands move forward and the watch winds.  However, I can wind the watch well past 30 times without reaching the end.

The crown says "CAUNY" with a little sea shell emblem.  The Crown is very large, but I see on the internet that many Cauny watches have large crowns.

My only guess is that I have the wrong sized Cauny crown on my ladies watch.

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Re: Watch repair question about Cauny crown with strange winding behavior
« Reply #1 on: October 25, 2016, 08:55:59 AM »
Looks like your watch has an issue with the setting work. Needs repair.
Comparable big size of the crown is normal if it is a screw down type.
It is normal that you can't reach the end winding your watch. Main spring in automatic movement has slipping end. It is never stops when winding.

Pictures always plus for a topic.
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