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Author Topic: SOLD:HELVETIA German Military Issued WWII DH Wehrmacht Pocket Watch..$269..  (Read 919 times)

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Offering a seldom seen Swiss Made Helvetia Pocket Watch issued to the German Army in World War II. Back is marked D9531H. Watch winds, sets,runs and keeps good time, but service history is unknown. On vintage watches, I always recommend a service when service history is unknown. The movement is marked:
Swiss Made
Helvetia only made this movement with 15, 16 or 17 jewels.
The screw back case is in very good shape with no dings or dents and only very fine scratches like silver gets when used. No markings except a couple of watchmaker's markings. It should polish and look like new if you so desire. After some research, I determined the case is made from a Silver Alloy of at least 50% silver and maybe more. Case diameter is 50.8mm.
The dial is in outstanding condition to be 75 years old or so. All the lume is still in the right place,but the hands have darkened which does not distract from the appearance.
The crystal which could be original is presentable, but in certain light, you can see fine stress cracks close to the 10.

This watch has been in my accumulation for almost 20 years. It was purchased at a Antique Flea Market from a Russian lady who had recently come to the US. She had approximately 200 watches (most were older Russian) in a bucket. At the time, I was only interested in  Military Issued watches. This Helvetia was one of the two I found after sorting through the whole bucket. No guarantee, but I believe it to be 100% original.

Price is $269 via normal paypal.
Price is $259 via alternate paypal method with no fees to me.
Free USPS shipping within the US. (either payment method OK)
Will consider shipping International depending on location.
Email me for cost to your location.
Thanks for looking.
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Re: FS:HELVETIA German Military Issued WWII DH Wehrmacht Pocket Watch..$269..
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