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Title: Zodiac Crown
Post by: 49eral on April 03, 2012, 12:01:33 AM
Hello All! This is my first post and a newbie to horology. I have suddenly become addicted to vintage watches and have been buying some here and there on some action sites. Also, I have become fond of the ones that appear that require some work. I have purchased a few watchmakers tools and a great deal on vintage crystals and mainsprings on craigslist. Also, I have a watchmaker here locally with over 30 years of experience and has helped me with a couple of rebuilds quite affordable. Basically I take more pleasure in restoring than purchasing restored on ebay.

Long story short, one of my most recent (and by far my favorite) purchases has been a Zodiac Guardsman Automatic with an emerald green dial, date window and roman numerals. I picked up on an online auction for $50...and it runs great! I plan on replacing the crystal, installing a nice breitling style band and polishing it up myself. The only thing that it is missing is a stem and crown. Would anyone have one laying around that they wouldn't mind donating or selling? I am in love with this piece and am anxious in restoring it to its original splendor. All your help is appreciated! Pictures real soon!
Title: Re: Zodiac Crown
Post by: Butch on May 25, 2012, 08:27:44 AM
Sorry, I had missed this from last month. Welcome to the wonderful world of Zodiacs... Where they all need a lot of work and there are no parts for them. All you can do is try some of the parts houses and see if they have anything, or buy a donor watch for parts.

Just curious, what is the case number for your model, inside the back? XXX XXX is the format.