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Title: Needed: Quartz Chrono Pusher details
Post by: asconigliaro on June 10, 2014, 12:59:10 PM
Gentlemen.....first time here and need some help.  I own two Zodiac Marine Life Professional 200M
watches.....cosmetically duplicate except that one is an mechanical
automatic (606.88.83) and the other a quartz chronograph (406.91.86). The
chronograph keeps time accurately, however, the chrono functions do not
work. My guess is that it requires a new Swiss movement (ETA 251.262
verified) which I have located. It also requires two new pushers which I
have also located - if they are a friction fit type and I can verify
required size (button end dia., overall length, case hole dia., end length,
and pin end dia.).  Can anyone tell me the correct pusher type and size required?  By the way, as a teenager I did have a Zodiac Automatic similar to the Avatar.....unfortunately, gone a long time ago.  Thank you your time.