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Title: Zodiac S/S bracelets..........
Post by: longview65 on May 01, 2011, 12:36:16 AM
I am almost 99% positive but cannot now find the article written but it stated that the S/S bands on the 90s Zodiac GMTs were made by the same company as the ones made for the Rolex.
It stated that BOTH Zodiac and Rolex from that period were one and the same!
Can anyone shed some light on this and possibly verify?
Title: Re: Zodiac S/S bracelets..........
Post by: Sea Wolf on May 01, 2011, 12:43:39 AM
Never heard this Rolex connection.  Do you mean Zenith?

"The production of Zodiac watches is currently entrusted to the Zenith Watch Company’s factory in Le Locle, which gives us leave to claim that the high quality that was the pride of the Calame dynasty has been 100% preserved. Design and innovation, marketing, sales, and exports are handled at the headquarters of the new Zodiac SA in Neuchatel. The new Zodiac is in the hand of Willy Gad Monnier, the former managing director of a large watch manufacturer, whose experience in sports watches-a specialty of the brand-is recognized in the entire world’s markets. While we are at it and as a drawing or photo is worth ten thousand words, let’s have a look straightway at the new collection.

Willy Gad Monnier, a major shareholder and managing director of the new Zodiac, joined the watch industry when he finished his education. He was head of a company, which went through all the postwar periods of matchmaking. He has acquired considerable experience, particularly in terms of management and above all, traveling with a collection case, in markets internationally. His objective is to secure a place for Zodiac and its traditional quality, not only through production but also by respecting the loyalty built up in the distribution channels leading to the watch retailers. In terms of the product, there will be a certain degree of specialization in sports and so-called "technical " watches.

"From the drawing board to the wrist of the consumer, the marketing policy is designed to foster a long term relationship of confidence and trust with customers, " says Willy Gad Monnier. The fact of having inherited a prestigious past will not prevent Zodiac from building the future with the same dynamism as young companies with no history behind them.

Zodiac has used the world of sport as the focal point of its collection, in line with the tastes and exceptions of a public that is young, dynamic and in a state of constant movement. All the models are made in stainless steel with screw-in crown and screw back and are water restraint to 200 meters. The advertising and PR message had sport at its most daring as its theme and Zodiac has enlisted the help of a professional diver, the first Swiss woman guide and a canoeist-explorer.

The Zodiac point is a symbol of quality and a guarantee of the ultimate precision.

The 1990 collection is divided into three groups, based on the idea of the point, as follows:

Red Point Collection
Silver Point Collection
Gold Point Collection
The information in this article was from a piece of Zodiac literature published in 1990."