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My First and Only Zodiac (So Far)

Started by Nateb123, May 14, 2011, 12:00:32 AM


Hey all,

So I was about to buy a Swiss Army Divemaster from where I work (I get them below cost).  I had been looking for a piece to reward myself for paying off student loans and getting a real career.  On impulse though, I decided to see what I could get off of eBay.  So I'm cruising around, bored to tears looking at old Seikos, Omegas, Rolexes, Breitlings, etc. when suddenly I see this strange looking watch.  Upon inspection, it looks very 70s and retro (right up my alley) and it's automatic.  Perfect! I start doing some research on it and discover the wonders of Zodiac watches.  I'm in love but I decide to sleep on it (even though it's already 3AM) so that I'm not buying totally on impulse.

I slept worse than a kid on Christmas Eve.  My girlfriend got up for work at 7AM and I had bought the watch at 7:15.

Today I got my NOS Olympos Automatic SST in the mail and it fits slightly tight when I'm hot but looks so good that I don't care.  I'm enamoured with this watch.  It's probably the best looking watch I've every seen.  It oozes quality and style.  I set it and it's running beautifully, like chronometer quality.  After work I show it to my girlfriend and show her the quick date adjustment.  It works a couple times but then I feel it loose its springiness, like a stuck button on a game controller.  I pull the crown out manually and bam, the crown has come off in my hand.  Not the best first day of Zodiac ownership :/

So now I'm having my watchmaker friend look at it.  He's a bloody genius and can fix anything from Soviet pocket watches to ancient Hamiltons so I'm not too worried, especially since the stem still looks intact.  Hopefully this is just a hiccup that ensures I have a watchmaker look at it early on so I can avoid further problems since it's my new baby.

Sea Wolf

Welcome to the vintage zodiac world.

If your watchmaker is not a vintage Zodiac expert, we have one that services our watches here and
gets the job done right the first time and for a fair price.  He also has parts for our watches, so keep that in mind.
Post some pics of your purchase and I am sure other will help out where they can.

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