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UV, go straighten this guy out, will ya?

Started by Butch, November 06, 2011, 08:22:21 AM


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jon p

 :what          case is REALLY thick!!  made by heuer for zodiac????? poor mans heuer???  description mentions "SLIM" case?


If I could only reach that far..... :compbr

As I have stated before, a Zodiac is not a "Poor Man's" anything, that is an idiotic statement.

Additionally, that case has been polished before despite his description.  That is the newest falsehood that sellers have begun to throw around to appease the overly neurotic collectors that obsess over that sort of craziness.  Lightly polished is fine, overly polished is not.  A true trained professional knows how to polish a watch, and it can be done with little evidence of doing so, unless the owner demands that deep gauges be removed.  "Never" polished is a super rarity for a used watch (as in practically never unless the watch is NOS or hardly worn), as a light polish or brush has pretty much always been one of the steps included in a complete service.

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