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Seawolf from '72 Southeast Asia

Started by smithrjd, April 20, 2012, 05:52:37 PM


I was starting to head down the wrong road in '72, decided at 17 it was time to get out of the house and learn about life. Enlisted in the Navy, after basic off to the Tonkin Gulf on the USS Flint. Had a cheap divers watch at the time, Sheffield if I remember corectley. Anyway we pulled back into Subic Bay after swinging the gun line on Yankee Station. The Flint was an ammo ship so Subic was our home away from Home.. Went to the Exchange and was looking at the watches and saw this divers style watch with a yellow/black checkerboard bezel. A Zodiac Seawolf. Bought it for $65 if memory is correct.  Wore the watch for 2 years before it had an issue. Got it repaired at the exchange and wore for another year. It again stopped keeping time. Bought an Omega and put the Zodiac in a drawer. 40 years later, the Zodiac and the Omega are off getting serviced and they will again see the lite of day. It is funny how value changes over the years, guess the Seawolf is over $500 now, The Omega which I paid $275 for in late 74 is now worth over $3K!!!! Glad I had the sense to just put in a drawer and keep them LOL.. 


Cool history, thanks for sharing it with us.  Love the bezel on that Seawolf!  Both are great watches  8)

jon p

 :welc  thanks for sharing your story, a lot of us got our first  zodiac while in the service. i still have my sea wolf from 1968, army, ft benning, GA.

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