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Vintage Zodiac Chronograph

Started by JerryR, August 07, 2012, 09:42:26 AM


Hi All,


I purchased my (one and only) Zodiac in 1970 at the Post Exchange while I was in the Navy.  The old girl has been through a lot, but never let me down.  It looks a little rough these days, and has sat in the jewelry box for over thirty years.  The Chronograph buttons are missing, and the crystal has a small crack at eleven o'clock.  I hope to have the watch serviced and restored.  I took it out a few days ago, wound it, and it still keeps great time.  But the Chronograph functions do not work - hope that is tied to the missing buttons.

Cell phone photo shown below.  If I can get it restored, I will take before and after pictures with the Canon.

Nice web site - informative.

Thanks for having me.


Sea Wolf


I really like that Zodiac and it should look great once it has a proper service. 
Click on Watch Repair at the top to learn more about our trusted watch guy and contact Butch for more info.

Do you have the original band that came with the watch?

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Thank you Sea Wolf.  I have already pinged Butch and just dropped the watch off USPS Priority to BWG.  He should have it in a couple of days.

No, I wish I still had the band.  During an "excursion" the band was damaged beyond repair and I replaced it.  At least I didn't lose the watch.  This weekend on eBay, I bid on a vintage Zodiac stainless "bracelet" band but lost.  >:D I thought I had it covered, but someone came in apparently a few seconds before the close and out-bid me.


 :pimp; This post is so great and nice  :ak47;


I apologize for the long delay, we have been in a total state of flux for quite awhile.  Picture of the fully restored Zodiac


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Sea Wolf


Someone did a great job on that watch.

The photo is simply awesome as well.


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