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75 ATM SSW landed

Started by ncmoto, September 19, 2012, 10:31:20 PM




jon p

sharp looking bracelet on a beautiful SSW!!!


Thanks  Here's a wrist shot


What a Beauty!! Thanks for sharing!! :ur


a rel beauty. please explain how to use the dial markings.


Bracelet finish is a great match for that case.  Aftermarket?  What brand?


Thanks its Shark mesh from Strapcode


In case anyone is wondering what the funny markings on the dial are, they are quadrant compression calculation tables

They were used by a handful of high rating dive watches, such as Gerard Perigaux and Zodiac. It is basically a table that you use in conjunction with your timing bezel to figure out your necessary decompression time at specific depths. Here is a copy of the table that came with the zodiac:

Here is an explanation posted by Subkrawler on an old post here in the WUS Dive Watch Forum, on how to use them:

Quote Originally Posted by Subkrawler
...For you guys having trouble wrapping your brain around the info, maybe I can walk us through, to make it clearer.

OK let's make the dive. First, you're using the bezel as a count-down bezel. This means you set the bezel arrow at where you want to end the dive, not at the beginning. Let's use the first quadrant figure(52/2) which lies between the "5-10" minute indices on the dial, to make our example dive. The "52" is our dive depth in meters and the "5-10" is our bottom time at that depth. Knowing our 5-10 minute bottom time we set our bezel 5-10 minutes ahead of the minute hand(remember we're counting down).

We now jump in and make our dive to 52 meters. At the end of our 5-10 minute dive time, we should be back at 3 meters(predetermined as per the GP instructions), when the minute hand aligns itself with the arrow on the bezel. Now is where the "2" from our fraction comes into play, that's our mandatory decompression time. Now you have your "15 minute" scale on the bezel to help you time your 2 minutes of decompression. Once the 2 minutes elapse, decompression is complete and you safely ascend to the surface.

Same thing goes for the second figure on the dial(37/6). Dive to 37 meters for 20-25 minutes, and you have a decompression of 6 minutes. At the end of the dive you use the 15 minute scale to time the 6 minutes of decompression.

Easy, right?

JDS (Ohio)

Quote from: ncmoto on September 20, 2012, 07:47:23 PM
Thanks  Here's a wrist shot

SWEEEEEET!  One is still on my grail list.

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