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I got another email

Started by Butch, January 22, 2014, 01:37:36 PM


This was from a guy who was looking to get his triple date moon phase

I thought I would share with you my first encounter with a Zodiac. It was back in 1967, and my diving buddy; Jim M. showed up sporting a brand spanken new Sea Wolf, and he was gloating over his newest equipment acquisition like had just bought a new ScubaPro regulator or something. I thought it was a nice watch; but that it looked kind of cheap to me. Well; we made several dives that day, and when we last broke the surface; his new watch was no were to be seen. Needless to say; our next couple of tanks were spent looking for that damned thing, and we never saw or heard from it again. I think maybe a Gar must have swallowed it or something. We looked for that watch every time we went out that summer, and never any luck finding it. I wonder if it's still watertight. Guess we'll never know.

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All content is read in this thread. It was a new knowledge for me. I see it as a really useful thing.


I would like to receive a good email. I really like Really?

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