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Zodiac Sea Wolf vs Rolex GMT Master

Started by stroudart, August 09, 2009, 12:02:27 PM


Bought my first Zodiac Sea wolf in 66 aboard the USS Guadalcanal. it was around $55 I think. I really wanted to buy a Rolex Submariner. But that cost $165 which seemed like an impossible sum. The Sea Wolf was a GREAT watch- kept beautiful time and was much better looking than a Rolex. Still I wanted a Rolex because I was entrapped by the mystique. When my Sea Wolf became badly damaged against rocks while swimming in rough surf, I finally bought a Rolex GMT Master on installments [this was 1974] The Rolex cost $245. my shipmates thought I was nuts to pay that kind of money for a watch. From the beginning, the Rolex never kept good time. It always ran slow. Frequent repairs to fix the stem were in order as I had to adjust time frequently. Finally it was tossed in a drawer to be replaced by quartz watches. I always wanted another Sea Wolf. But before the www. it was just luck to find one. Now I've bought 3 on ebay. My wife thinks this is wasteful, but happy. I'm reliving my past adventures...  

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