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You can never have too many watches

Started by Butch, August 28, 2009, 06:53:25 AM


That doesn't make sense, you can't ever have too many watches....says he as he wonders how to prepare the spam and macaroni & cheese tonight, and what to feed the turtle, that has been looking hungry lately, and why is there no junk mail when I need it to patch the holes in the trailer when the wind goes whipping through at four in the morning making me shiver through my thin U-Haul quilt. Got lotsa watches, though.
Regards, Thom
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I'm blessed to still have my mother [85 this Nov] but when she saw the receipts for my watch collection in her words, "She was shocked! You don't need all those watches!" she practically screamed. I explained that they were investments I hoped to pass on to her grandson. And that buying a vintage watch is more like "moving" [we hope] money vice spending it. I get her to pay my cards when I'm overseas. At the time I thought maybe I really was starting to lose my mind. A friend told me that he had over 300 watches before he went into the watch business. He claims he lost moneyon the stock market during the current crisis.  His watches he claimed, have held their value. That sobered me up just enough to buy more...Ben

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