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My Zodiacs from the 60's and their story

Started by sanart, March 28, 2016, 12:57:18 AM


Hi all. I'm a new member here (I found this site by Googling "How to set the date on my Zodiac Seawolf") and just thought being "Zodiac People" you might enjoy my Zodiac story.
I was a Marine from 1962 to 1967 and I must have gone thru at least 6 or 8 Seawolfs during that time. I honestly don't remember the watch being "THE watch to have" when I was in as everyone says on eBay, but I sure loved it (obvious by how many times I bought one), but I do remember they had them in the PX. I think I bought my very first one in a Stateside PX and I know I bought at least one in a PX in Vietnam. Most of the others I had mailed to me by my brother at home because the PX ones only had the metal bezel and I liked the grey.
Quick side note –  when I got home, my brother had bought one with money I had sent him to get it for me, but had never told him to send it. I told him to keep it for himself - the last time I saw him, 15 or so years ago he pointed out to me he was still wearing it.
Since 1980 or so until recently I've worn a Rolex Datejust, when bigger and sportier watches came into vogue I got an Invicta knockoff of the Submariner, but it felt cheap to me. I decided to splurge and get a Sub but when I went to get it I saw the new Omega Seamaster 300 and somehow liked that better so I got that. It took a couple of months before I realized the reason I liked it was it reminded me of my Zodiacs! Once "the light went on" I remembered seeing one of my old Seawolfs in my box of trinkets and souvenirs – I dug thru it and came up with not one, but two. Both black dials, both hack, one "PX" one with a metal bezel and no date and Oyster type band, crystal shot. This one must have been my "last" one, because I just wound it up and it runs like a charm. The other with date, grey bakelite or ceramic or plastic bezel and Jubilee bracelet, crystal shot and watch not running.
As I said, I always liked the grey bezel better than the metal so I took it to my jeweler to have it fixed – he quoted me $500.! The shop I buy gold & silver from often gets in old watches and I know he has them restored if worthwhile so I asked him if he could have his repair guy look at my Zodiac – the guy worked on it (or at least HAD it) for FOUR months, but it came back looking and running like new for $150.
I took off the stretched-out Jubilee type band and put on a black & grey (Spectre style) NATO band and 
I'm in watch heaven! It gives me flashbacks sometimes when I look at it but I haven't worn my Omega since.
Sorry to be so long winded – but maybe if you like yours as much as I like mine you'll understand. 



Great story and  :welc

and if you want to get rid of that nasty sure I can scrounge up a zodiac in trade  :sm3


  :ur ,welcome aboard and thanks for the story!!
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jon p

 :welc :wehe :ur welcome to our forum! I bet PX sales really were a big part of Zodiacs sales, I bought my black dial SW with date in may 1968, at the ft benning Georgia PX. 55.00, half a E1s monthly pay back then. I fell in love with it, it was a BIG watch back then. enjoy yours, as I do mine. :secrethand :twothumbsup


 :welc Sanart and thanks for the great watch story! 

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