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SOLD: Zodiac Sea Wolf ND BWG Serviced June '19

Started by reydelaplaya, December 05, 2019, 10:22:11 AM


Good day and felicidades to you, Butch, and our fellow members here on VZ. I hope everyone's been doing well. Been a while since I've been on the site, but sadly haven't been doing much along the lines of collecting at the moment.

Up for sale here is a Zodiac Sea Wolf most likely a few of you have seen before since it's the same watch as one in a photo or two included here on the site, and is also the one that had been listed on the auction site back at the beginning of the summer.

About that auction listing just for clarification: I pulled it at almost the last minute. I apologise if any of you had it in your sights, but there within the final 48 hours I received a few questions from a couple low/0 feedback members that felt like an international set-up between the two was in play. My gut told me to pull it rather than risk it - I hope you all understand.

It was overhauled by a BWG in June '19. I can't guarantee he's still the current BWG, but he's done other Zodiacs for me in the past, and at that time was the recommended BWG, so... maybe still the same company.

Enclosed below are photos, all pretty much from my prior auction listing. Nothing's changed, it's only been occasionally taken out of my watch display case, wound and set, and sometimes worn for a while here in the house.

The top side of the case is nice, with a few minor fine scratches and dings, but polished during the overhaul. It's got a pair of deeper scratches on the lower side at the 11-o-clock lug. It's got its share of case entry marks along the back, although BWG's polish smoothed them down a bit. And the case snap-back shows a few minor scratches, but it looks actually pretty great with all the lettering and logo crisp and sharp.

The bracelet is the original expansion type with Zodiac logo on the clasp and a date on the inside of 7-67. All links are firm and fully expand and contract as designed. It has some fine surface scratches as well, but looks consistent with the age of the watch.

The cream-white dial looks fresh, with no patina, and it looks like he managed to brighten up the luminescent markers a little during the overhaul.

The hour/minute hands are still kinda dark though so they may best be a candidate for re-lume if that's your thing.

The domed acrylic crystal is original, clear, and scratch free.

The bezel shows its age, but isn't by any means unsightly. There again, BWG managed to pull a matte shine on the surface, so it looks a little nicer that it did before I sent it off. The coin edge is still distinct and prominent, but there has been some wear thru on the plating edge so the underlying brass is visible. It holds its position tightly though, and distinctly clicks all the way around.

The crown is original Zodiac logo, and presents essentially as I would expect it did when new.

The second-hacking, automatic movement was overhauled, as stated, back in June 2019. It's running well with a nice strong tick, and keeping good vintage, non-quartz time.

For its condition, completeness, originality, and recent BWG overhaul, $700 seems to be a fair price to start negotiation. That will include USPS Insured Priority Mail Box to the US and will ship with the BWG warranty card from the service.   Shipping outside the US is possible as long as we can come to terms on a reliable/guaranteed trackable service. As a private entity selling from my personal collection, I'm only set up to receive PayPal, and will ship within a business day of cleared paypal payment. You will receive all tracking information at the moment it ships. It will be originating here at the top left corner of what Hurricane Maria left of paradise, Puerto Rico. And while we're more or less dusted off and back online, with that in mind, it may take an extra day or two in transit to get over to San Juan and in the belly of a jet before it gets to the mainland US. Three day priority mail service up there is about five total for us.

If you have any questions or would like a few more pics, please don't hesitate to DM.

Thank you, Butch, for providing a forum to chat and offer our sales, thank you all for having a look, and let me know if you'd like to work something out.

Cheers and felicidades to all of you!

- rey

EDIT: I managed to get the photos to stick as attachments - took a few tries to get them to stick! LOL

EDITED TO ADD: That price is entirely negotiable, so please don't let it hinder an offer. As I was scanning online for a reference price, I saw that the prices are pretty much all over the place and decided to just throw it up there to comply with the forum rules. Offers will definitely be considered, so if you've got a different number in mind that you think is a fair price, by all means hit me up in the DMs and lets see what we can do! ;) - rey

This item has been sold.


Reduced to $600. USA only. USPS Priority shipping included. Paypal friends family.

This item has been SOLD.

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