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Does this Zodiac look genuine - and what should it cost?

Started by Grossisten, January 06, 2020, 05:07:39 AM



I've been offered this watch - a model I already have in my collection. It looks genuine to me (I've only seen these photos) and the watch appears to be in a medium condition. There is no service history and no papers but it runs. Having had a few annoying surprises lately (a NOS watch that needed to be repaired after six months and had a "dirty" dial) I'm getting quite conservative as to what I'm prepared to pay - also having the knowledge that parts are hard to come by and the cost of repairs and service do make a difference. This watch is interesting to me for two reasons - the original Zodiac band and its potential in future to serve as source for parts for the similar watch I already own. Unless of course its very valuable.....


Welcome!  That is a genuine model, powered by the Valjoux 7734.  The 7734 is a caliber I service regularly and it is a pretty durable movement that still has plenty of parts available for repairing them.  It used to be a pretty inexpensive model, that is when I bought mine, but all chronographs have gone up in the past few years.  I have seen them offered between $500-$1200 at shows and online over the past year.


Thank you so much for your input. And for the details.

The price range you mention seems much more realistic than what I've come across - like this item
- this is offered at around USD 3000,-!

I've seen ads from the era where the model is listed along with other contemporary Zodiacs - and it certainly wasn't an expensive watch. But with the interest in chronographs at the moment and the increase in value of better known brands perhaps its understandable that prices for such a watch is going up. I'll probably make an offer somewhat below the USD 500 mark and take it from there.

By the way.... I got the one I already own by raiding a Zodiac warehouse. Specifically the warehouse of the local Zodiac importer, which happened to be my father. He had a corner for unsold items, this was in the early 80'ies and this model was way out of fashion. But it featured a stopwatch, which I needed..... And my father let me have it. It spent most of the next 30 years in various drawers only to be used for an occasional run. Then 2,5 years ago I again needed a stopwatch to keep time of an important life event. My son was born and I've worn it almost daily since. It will be his one day... that's why I would like to be sure to have parts....


That price on Chrono24 does not surprise me. Outrageous costs, and "imaginative" descriptions of the watch and its actual condition is the norm on that site  ::)


Just an update on my negotiations - to put things in perspective:

The seller has been told by a local watchmaker/vintage watch dealer that it should be priced at USD 1335,- in its current condition.

Which is no service since 2002 (sold by the same dealer back then so it certainly had an overhaul at that point if needed) - condition medium - in my opinion - based on the photos.

I wished the seller good luck, that's a ridiculous price (I can get a nice serviced Sea Wolf for less) and way out of my range. I'm only sorry I didn't make a bid for the original Zodiac band instead. I won't miss this watch at that price.....


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