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Chronopedia Club - a request for input from Forum Members

Started by CambridgeV8, April 09, 2020, 11:28:08 AM


2 years ago I espoused the idea with fellow watch enthusiasts of creating a Wiki for watches, a font of all things horological - collating and storing all the information from watch forums, websites and in particular the contents of the heads of those extraordinarily knowledgeable collectors. The idea of a site, open to all, which would allow both those experienced and new to the watch world to educate and learn, but also to be entertained and maybe amused. Very Reithian of me. And so I went back to the day-job (medical support services so am doing my bit for the war right now).

Fast forward to today- the world is suddenly a very different place. I find myself ensconced by the beach in South Carolina - in exile and lockdown. My watch collection ( and all my reference book library) is 1000 miles away at ground zero for Covid in the US - New York. My home in England unapproachable. Worse, the wine has run out and the state of South Carolina does not allow home delivery (I know - first-world problem eh?!). So having my evenings free and sober, I decided to finally do it.

I have created The Chronopedia Club. It can be found here:

Please bear in mind that this is only 8 days old! I have started to put some flesh on the bare bones and am going to throw myself on the mercy of the crowd by asking you to take a look and provide feedback, maybe content and pics too. This is going to be a source for ALL things watch, so its going to take years to put together. If anyone would like to help me with the Zodiac entry in this then let me know! I cant even get to my own collection right now which is very frustrating!

You can set up a basic editing account by clicking CREATE ACCOUNT top right on the main page. It could be a specific model or the entire history. Its all wiki-based so new pages and links just keep being created for it. If anyone wants help then please let contact me : mail

I could do with a lot of help in certain areas - for example diving watch terminology for the Glossary here - really anywhere that  someone will have a lot more knowledge than me (which is pretty much all of it). I have military watch friends getting involved now so its starting to grow...

Thanks for reading and if you want to get involved please don't hesitate! This could be a legacy for future generations of Zodiac collectors!

And stay safe...

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