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My newest yet oldest Zodiac

Started by Grossisten, May 01, 2021, 07:05:37 AM


I recently acquired this Zodiac Incasecurit which is now the oldest watch in my Zodiac museum. It was almost 4 months underway (!) from the seller in Switzerland (due to Covid one may assume) and actually was first returned to him before it finally landed at my doorstep.

He identified it as a 1940ies military style model witch would explain its modest 29 mm diameter. It features a FHF31 movement with modifications: The FHF31 apparantly had no shock protection and no sweeping seconds hand, these modifications may have been made by or for Zodiac. Zodiac Incasecurit was trademark registered to Zodiac.

As I always mention, my father was a Zodiac agent. He became so on my watchmaker-grandfathers initiative - he had noticed that Zodiac was a very innovative brand and I like to think it might have been watches like this one that made him think so - and this is why it deserves a place in my museum.


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