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Zodiac Glorious

Started by jul1ien, December 08, 2021, 04:19:08 AM


Hello everyone,

I recovered my grandfather's watch: A Zodiac Glorious.

I would like some information on this watch: Its movement, its year or any other interesting things!

Finally, the crown does not appear to be original. Do you know what is the original crown and where I could get one?

here are some photos. Unfortunately I can't open it.

thank you so much !


Look like a mid to late 1950's dress watch. I think the case is solid gold due to the serial number. The 14 or 18K markings are probably in the case back. That probably has a manual winds movement too.

A very nice family heirloom. Be sure to read this if you want to wear it.
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Thank you !

Yes I confirm, it is in 18K gold (Eagle head), and it is indeed a manual winds movement. Do you know which movement?
What does number 4192 refer to?

The watch has been revised by a watchmaker, it works perfectly!

Regarding the crown, do you have any advice, any idea where I could find this?

thank you so much


Quote from: jul1ien on December 08, 2021, 08:58:54 AMDo you know which movement?

I'd speculate - ETA 1080. But your watchmaker should know that for sure


What a lovely watch! And gold too - very cool.



And here is his movement !


The Zodiac 721 (Font 72 base) is a very nice movement.  Zodiac featured it in quite a few watches from the era, including a variant that was used in the Aerospace Jet.  Once serviced it is a reliable and accurate movement.


Thank you for the information !


Hello everyone,

I'm still looking for the original crown for this Zodiac glorious. Someone to help me ?

Thanks !


Would you mind to share a picture of the case back's inner side?

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