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Automatic works question...

Started by stefaninla, December 29, 2021, 02:12:36 PM


As mentioned in another thread, I just resurrected a 70-72 non-date sea wolf from the dead.
It's now completely cleaned oiled, and running beautifully.

I notice that the oscillating weight doesn't really spin with the same veracity as other automatics and was wondering if that's a characteristic of Zodiacs, or if it's wear or potentially needs further cleaning or... etc??
To be clear, it does turn freely on its own as the watch is moved - but not like a modern auto. Also, the manual wind of the spring became quite a bit stiffer once the auto-works were attached to the movement (though it is still quite windable by hand).


Modern automatic designs are more advanced, so more sensitive and effective. Plus after 60+ years of service almost each and every movement accumulated fair amount of wear. It is why every Zodiac's automatic look (and is) "dull".
I'd admit, original design of the automatic module on Zodiac 70 family was not the best. Probably they developed it for existing manual winding caliber. So some compromises were accounted, preventing highest performance.
And, of course, that decision with "DO NOT OPEN" barrel (especially on high beat 36000bph) killed 80% of automatic modules of all existing Zodiac, GP, Doxa, Ebel movements.


Thank you for that. It would seem then that this movement is behaving as would be expected. That is nice to know.

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