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Zodiac Maniac Poland

Started by bumo79, July 20, 2022, 05:02:53 AM


Hello !!!

I have been interested in watches for 15 years. In the beginning I collected various brands that I liked because of the design, materials used and movements. In 2010, the first Zodiac fell into my hands. After learning more about the brand, the models and the history of the manufactory, I decided that this was my next direction of collection, as everything I was looking for in the watch world is here. Hunting for Zodiac watches in my country is a very difficult task, as Omega and Atlantic rule the vintage theme here, and Zodiac is little known and not very popular. I make purchases mainly through Ebay and other European sales portals. I collect mostly vintage, but also prints, booklets, display stands and other remnants of the Calame family brand.
My favorite creative period of the Zodiac brand is the 1970s, and I value the SST line the most. Interesting mechanism, excellent and bold design, stainless steel cases, quick set date , gradient dials and wonderful, comfortable and logoed bracelets like Chatelain or NSA.
I would like to thank You very much for welcoming me into the group and for the knowledge of its users,
Thanks to which, over a number of years, I was able to get to know the Zodiac brand and its wonderful products better
Here is my small collection :
Warm greetings. Dawid. Zodiac Maniac Poland   

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VERY nice collection Dawid! Thank you for sharing it with us.

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Sea Wolf


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Nice examples of moon phase models. :agreei


Very nice! So it is you who has that Swedish display stand, I thought it was a Swedish guy.... (saw it on Facebook). The brown watch box was introduced in the late 70ies (or possibly early 80ies) as the overall design of Zodiacs advertising was updated, so it fits your preferred decade well!

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