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Greetings and Questions From A Noobie

Started by Serenity, September 08, 2022, 01:31:19 AM


Hello all! I was searching the internet for vintage Zodiac Sea Wolf watches and luckily stumbled on this forum. I have spent the last several evenings and many hours reading up on the Sea Wolf; for example, identifying relumed dials & hand sets.

I have a few questions that I have not discussed:

1. I understand Zodiac used radium lume on older Sea Wolf watches until sometimes in the 1960's. With a half life of 100,000 yrs, what precautions does one take to prevent unnecessary exposure? Or are my concerns unwarranted?

2. I have seen dials with out the SWISS or Tritium markings under the 6 o'clock triangle. Are these service dials with tritium lume?

Thanks in advance.


1. Don't disassemble a watch with Radium dial and everything should be okay. Emitted radiation is so small and not enough to go through case and even outer layer of skin.
Minuscule amount radioactive gasses is producing by Radium too. But that amount is so small. We have more of these gasses leaching to our basements from underlying bedrock every day. So I'd not be concerned at all.
Although don't disassemble watch and don't touch dial by hands. Radioactive material could be harmful if swallowed or inhaled.
2. Radium dials are marked by SWISS. Tritium - T SWISS T
Not aware of any other legit markings.


Thanks for the radium explanation.

Regarding the writing below the 6 o'clock triangle, I see replacement NOS or used dials for sale without writing below the 6 o'clock triangle . Are these aftermarket dials or authentic Zodiac service dials?

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