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1920’s Zodiac Jump Hour/Direct Read Watch

Started by Butch, October 01, 2022, 10:57:25 AM


I just realized I never wrote this up. I picked this up in 2009 as I had never seen one before. It has a 7 jewel movement. An old European watchmaker did the restoration on it. He said the everything was very worn, most likely to previous owners not having it serviced regularly. (Pay attention here folks!) The disks were very worn and fragile he said due to age. After disassembly he reported one of the gears was so worn, he would have to make one for it as, of course, no parts were available. (Old school baby!) The watch did go back and forth between the two of us several times before it would run reliably and stay running. Once he said the mainspring got magnetized in transit too.
I think the band is just something the eBay seller put on there. I am sure it did not come with the watch but kind of goes with the style. I didn't really care nor ask as I do not wear it. I just wound it for the first time in years and it has been running for 2 hours now.

Edit: I wound it yesterday and it is still running the next morning.
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