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Opinions on this 1402 Zodiac on ebay?

Started by zedelm, December 07, 2022, 07:18:20 PM


Hey gang,

You cannot view this attachment. I've had an itch for a moonphase complication and came across this ebay auction: 125649141298

Looks authentic to my untrained eye and the poor quality images are a concern. But the seller's history is filled with poor quality pictures, so...(maybe I am rationalizing).

Seems like a bit of a gamble (even at the current bid price), but could clean up nicely. Seller says it's functional and will provide a picture of the movement, but obviously need to factor in a service by BWG...

Would love to hear any opinions you feel like offering.



The pictures do not make it easy to tell but it looks like a pretty nice original dial.  Not easy to find on these (or any triple date moonphase honestly) because they are the furthest thing from moisture resistant there is.  As long as it is not missing the adjustment buttons or the triple date/moonphase module isn't rusted together it could make a nice example.


Thanks - super helpful. And any informed guesses on whether the lume would be radium or tritium? I suppose a geiger counter may be in order.


Honestly not sure, I think those dials are just signed Swiss or Swiss Made.  The lume content seems to be something that some of the watch boards/online collectors are really obsessed with now, but I don't snort or lick the lume regardless of which type it is....



Now I'm obsessed with the idea of a cocaine based lume... :twothumbsup

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