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3 very odd zodiacs

Started by jon p, November 14, 2009, 05:05:24 PM

jon p

 :o ;D ebay item##200345875449  i found this while crusing the bay today.the seller has THREE of these--all different in small ways.looks  like SW but not correct dial,look at the little difference in the dials, hands. different SW bezels.movement looks SW----?? main thing--check out the buy it prices! something new every day,is this fun or what?!       JON


Oh! Oh! SUPER Rare! I'll take all three! Not.

Here is another one I see pop up about once a year from that part of the world. This is the "Special edition made by Zodiac especially for (or under contract to) the <insert country name here> military." Gee, ya think they only have one redialer in that country?

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