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Saw this on e-bay and wanted to know what it might be worth.

Started by bobby63, January 19, 2010, 06:56:24 PM


I saw a new stainless w/gold trim gold point diver watch advertised on e-bay. Does anyone have an opinion of what it is worth? The seller is asking $365 but is taking offers. Thanks


Bobby63...Do you have the item # you could pass to us?...Gary


The one I was looking at is gone. Another without the gold is #320466413836, essentially the same. I would appreciate any advice.


H Bobby, Welcome to the forum.

The first thing that i would say about either of those gold points is that they are both mid size models, so if your wrist is above 6 3/4 inches they will look strange by modern watch standards, the full size models will be about 38mm without the crown, on these watches it can means double the price for a full size.

Another point is that these watches are at lease 13-18 years old, the reason they are nos is that they were not able to sell them in the first place, ebay used to be rife  with these and similar models. They could well need a service or regulation, you need to factor this into the cost.

These watches may well have had a list price of 900 bucks or so, although it is unlikely many people paid retail for them, looks like many would have been sold out in the late 90's at 100 or so.

Too see a listing of the goldpoint models and yours in particular go to , it shows the difference in size of the mid vs large.

I have a couple of gold point automatics although no mid sized currently and they are a nice watch. I actually have the full size quartz version of the one you are looking at ( No laughing at the back!, yes Butch I mean you!). I have found the bezel design is not the most attractive, the blue point versions had a nicer finish to them from a visual standpoint.

But it is price you are asking about. Put it this way,Add 100 bucks to the price and you could buy a new grey market Airboss mach 6 Victorinox or Chronopro running a 7750 or 7753, these would offer better bang for the buck than the zodiac and certainly always be worth at least 300 bucks. Alternatively you could look at a Victorinox groundforce running a similar 2824 auto for around 200 bucks new, superb watch with a bulletproof new movement.

Valuewise I would hazard about 250 if you like the style and have a wife to wear it for you ;)

jon p

 8) i have a blue point marked seawolf on the dial, i believe it has an ETA 2824 automatic movement and is the gold/ ss version. i really like it and it wears well on my small wrist. after looking at the gold point you mentioned i figure an offer of $200.00 would be bout right.  JON


jon p

the mid size IS kinda small today-even the full size isnt too large compared to whats out there today--42mm, 47mm, etc. mine mentioned above is the full size white dial seawolf.

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