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Started by Marrick, August 06, 2010, 04:48:53 AM


I got this today. It was described as 'Zodiac - wristwatches' with out of focus and glare-filled pictures. Anyway, I took a gamble and here it is:

and thought you'd like to see it. As I understand it, the Orbiter was the early name for the Astrographic - but correct me if I'm wrong. Its my first mystery dialled watch.

The movement is a 72D.

This how it came:

There is a little dust visible on the discs, but not enough to worry about.

I only found one Orbiter in the gallery, so feel free to lift the pictures if you want.

Thanks for looking.

jon p

 ;D WOW--what a beautiful example--looks like NOS!! you made a good buy on this one-you just never know whats out there.  JON


Thank you. For the record, it cost me £47 ($75) - which I thought was good. ;D

jon p

you got a fantastic buy ! luck was on your side for sure. congrats.

Sea Wolf

 :o What a great find and deal.  That does look NOS.

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Squeaky clean!  Congrats :D


Thank you all. I've been wearing it all day and its keeping very good time.


That is one of the best examples of an Orbiter that I have ever seen. You did great all around on this purchase.
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Thank you. That's nice to know. ;D

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