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Need some advice on my Super Sea Wolf - Worth

Started by David, December 22, 2010, 11:34:35 PM


Hey Folks, I am a former US Navy Diver and owner of a Super Sea Wolf.  I bought it in the mid 90s and used it a lot - a few scuffs on it, of course.  Bezel is a little loose, but I have had it serviced every 5 years or so.  I still have the original band on it with the Zodiac name and logo on the bottom of the band.  The black paint on the numbers of the bezel is worn, but the Luminescent part of the bezel and watch face still light up when you run a dive light/flash light over it.  At any rate, I have moved on to different avenues of life (although I miss the diving Navy a great deal) and haven't done any serious diving since my discharge - it just sits and collects dust now and makes me yearn for my former Navy Days and diving with my brothers.  I plan to sell my Super Sea Wolf and don't know what it is worth. The back numbers are 506.54.44 and I have the original blue box I purchased it in as well as the original paperwork, booklets, diving tables, and the leather case and tool that I bought later to hold everything in.  Hopefully, I can get some advice as I have been told it is a rare and admired time piece.  I know it sounds crazy that I am willing to sell it - just time to move on and allow a true dive watch lover to own it and care for it as I have been told they don't make them anymore.   


Hello and welcome!

If you can, please post a picture of you watch (or link to a picture of similar watch). I don't know exactly your watch looks like, maybe it's the one with the "razor bezel" ?

I have sent you a PM!


Yep, it's the one with the razor looking's one of the reasons I bought it years ago.

I got your email and answered it.

Maybe this would be a great story for the Vintage Zodiac Forum...but anyhow here it goes. My wife is not happy that I am planing on selling my Super Sea Wolf.  She so eloquently reminded tonight me that one of the reasons that she was so attracted to me when she and I first met, years ago, her words,  "I just loved that big sexy dive watch on your arm and wanted to know all about Navy Diving."  Now a marriage, two young boys later, and another new baby boy that is due in two weeks - who would have thought that a Zodiac Watch would be the catalyst for a marriage and a family?

At any rate, standby on the photos as I will be servicing it first to make it looks great and that it is in GREAT running condition before it leaves it's original owner. 

Have a happy, joyous and safe New Year.

Stay cool, stay safe, and shoot straight

Sea Wolf

Great watch you have.  How did you purchase the leather case separately later on?

I did not know you could purchase the case with the accessories after the fact?

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Now that took a memory workout for me....and of course, after I searched for the receipt and found it, the memory work out was a little easier.

Back in 1998, after I purchased the Zodiac Super Sea Wolf, I saw that the owner of the Dive Shop wear his Super Sea Wolf.  He did not wear the metal band with his.  I asked why and he said Zodiac had made the watch to be changed out with the rubber wrist band.  I researched where I could get the extra wrist bands, and I saw the leather case kit.  I liked it.  I found that the company Wittnauer Swiss International World Headquarters was willing to sell me the set.  I made a call to them, gave my credit card number and they charged me $15 for the leather case set and $4.95 for the shipping and handling.  A couple weeks later it arrived in the mail.  My receipt has two addresses of New Jersey and one in Puerto Rico for Wittnauer.  I can't remember which address it came from.  Like I said, still got the receipt if you want both addresses.  In fact, I have the woman's name written on the Receipt who was the contact in Puerto Rico for repairs back then. 

These past couple of days, I was trying to remember where my rubber wrist bands were or what happened to them.  After going through my Navy photos the other night, I remembered what happened to them and it gave me a laugh. I had a good dive buddy who had a sorry bungie-cord looking wrist band for his dive watch.  On one of my last Navy Dives, he started eyeing my Zodiac rubber wrist bands in the leather case when I was switching out my dive watches before the dive.  He didn't even have to ask, I just looked at him, shook my head with a smile, told him how he was a cheap 'ol sailor and I gave him the bands.  The more I write these emails about my Zodiac and Navy days, the more I want to keep that watch instead of sell it. Good times. 

If you want those addresses, I'll send them to you.  Don't know if I can send them via the Vintage Zodiac Forum or if I need to send them via a personal email.  Any guidance on that?     
Take care, Stay safe, and Shoot straight


Good story! As for the addresses, trust me when I say it will not matter. But there are people who insist on chasing ghosts.

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You are so right.  I did some investigating last night via internet.  Those addresses are non-existent now.   

I know this sound like a seriously elementary question...but, is there any similarity in quality between the current Zodiacs and the Vintage Zodiacs like the Super Sea Wolf...or are the current Zodiacs just over priced watches that are riding on the "old Zodiac name? 



From the home page:

"Per legal agreement with the current brand owners, you will find nothing here on any post 2000 Genender owned Zodiacs. Please do not post any questions or pictures on the current models which begin with ZO in the forum as they will be deleted and go unanswered."

Get it?
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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