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What does the Red, Silver, or Gold Dot on my watch mean?

Started by Butch, December 26, 2010, 11:24:27 PM


Back in the 90's there were three main categories of Zodiac models, Red, Silver, and Gold Points. They are presented in order of pricing (and one would presume "quality" such as the band or mineral glass vs. sapphire) though, like a Ford/Mercury, really the same models. The Sea Wolf was a stand alone line, and not solely dedicated to Divers either. They were priced accordingly. EARLY in the 90's there was also the colored plastic bezel Formula line which is valueless, in my opinion, based on today's resale prices. (Tag had a CHEAP model and so did Zodiac.) The Marine Life came along later and fit in between the Silver and Gold Point lines.

The Zodiac point was a symbol of quality and a guarantee of the ultimate precision. The 1990 collection is divided into three groups, based on the idea of the point, as follows:
   - Red Point Collection
   - Silver Point Collection
   - Gold Point Collection

There were some models made with a blue dot but the catalogs do not stipulate their involvement nor do they seem to be specific to a specific type of watch, such as chronographs only.
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