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Fantastic site !!! oh and New member question?

Started by Mel, March 16, 2011, 02:49:48 AM


Hi there, my name is Mel and I have been lurking for a couple of weeks now on this fantastic site and have just bought my first Zodiac Seawolf (70's).

Being an Aussie outdoor gal I have always preferred the style of these rugged looking watches and am reading all I can before I post a pic of mine and make a complete idiot of myself in front of you knowledgable ones. But I must just say before I go on that the info Butch and you guys have provided and (of course the watches) is amazing!!!

Okay and now for something different, my hubby has now decided he thinks Zodiacs are pretty good too and was wondering if you guys could provide an opinion on 280640244306?? Can't seem to find what it is, am I looking in the wromg place or doesn't it exist?

Cheers and thanks for any info.


It is a dress watch from the 70's. Not all models are posted here. Nice looking model with a upscale movement in it.

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jon p

 ;D MEL---welcome to the forum, always nice to add a new member, especially an aussie  lady who loves zodiacs!!  JON P


Thankyou for the info and welcome, gentlemen :0)


Welcome and that's a fine looking Zodiac!  Lots of Zodiac fanatics and experts here (aside from me, I'm new myself, haha) and I'm sure you'll get some good guidance.  Enjoy your stay! =)

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