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how i got my seawolf

Started by blauroterfritz, March 19, 2011, 07:00:12 PM


there are certain watches you just have to have. In my mind the orange seawolf is one of them. I had been hunting for the right one for just about 10 years. The odd one came up once in a while , but they either were too bad in condition or somebody else would snap them up in front of your eyes. Ofcourse the " holy grail" , a NOS watch with papers was the ultimate goal, but I had resigned to the fact that this was probably unrealistic. Believe you me , I had hunted everywhere!. Than one year my birthday came up and against the odds there was a small box sitting on the kitchen table, every other year it would have been a bottle of scotch. My wife , who knows nothing about watches urged me to "unpack". I nearly fell of my chair , when I found inside my seawolf. Box papers and all the rest.My next question to her , knowing the rarity of this watch, was: How on earth did you get this watch????? This was her answer : " Darling , I know you like watches, so I just got on E-bay the other day to browse and I saw this one. It looked pretty so I put a maximum bid on it and more or less forgot about it.Than , a week later , I got this E-mail to say I won the bid. I hope you are not too disappointed , after all it is a   small watch and does not look like a guys watch, but it is pretty. God bless her , she had no idea what she in fact had landed . But , boy , I did let her know, it was one of my better birthdays.
i'll be back.


Hehe, fantastic story! I like the part where she though it looked pretty, put in a maximum offer and then forgot about it.  ;D


Haha...great story!... It's nice to own a piece of history, especially when it's a gift...enjoy it in good health and do post pictures when you get the chance =)


Hello goodtimes, thank you , and there are pictures of the watch under the generell forum. See ya , Arne
i'll be back.


What a great story and a wonderful wife.   :)

My wife usually pooh poohs my watch stuff but to give her credit, she spotted me several hundred bucks to pick up an unusually nice Seawolf at a flea market.

jon p

 :o   wish i could run up on a SW at a flea market,  seems like all i ever see is junk the trash man should have taken!! i just dont have good luck.

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