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Before and after

Started by weblod, February 25, 2024, 07:20:33 PM


I just got my 1968 vintage sea wolf back from BWG. I didn't want a new watch, I wanted a 56 year old working  watch with honest wear. And that is exactly what I got thank you BWG.

First picture is before and second is refurbished.

Something else to think about, I sent this watch to a watch repair place for a free estimate on repairs many years ago. The estimate was very high and I couldn't afford the cost so the watch was sent back. BWG told me the crown and back were not original to the watch , so much for FREE estimate. Be careful who you let work on your watch. 


I have been told I never throw anything away and I guess that is true.. I was dig in a box of junk and look what I turned up.

My sea wolf was bought in July of 1968 at Myrtle Beach SC Air Force base exchange when I got out of the service.
I had bought a sea wolf in April of 67 and lost it in the tundra in Alaska a few month after I got it and one I have now is it's replacement.


Nice SW!  Was your model available at the same time this one was available? Also an after BWG:


Yes. Here is a picture of the catalog and your watch although it appears to have a different band.

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