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Very weird old Zodiac. What is it?

Started by stz, November 29, 2023, 10:01:11 AM


I just found this watch and just had to get it. It's very weird, probably wouldn't wear it out in the open without covering the bottom left ;-)
Can someone tell me what this is? Searched the internet but all I could find is one listing on a sales platform in Singapore.


Many watch brands supplied watches to different nations/governments in all parts of the world, sometimes to the airforce or military, and often with a specific print like a logo on the dial. It could be the logo of that particular countrys airforce - or as it seems to be in this case - its ruler.

I've seen a few Zodiacs like that, just like some with corporate logos - I own one with the wordmark of the pharmaceutical Glaxo on the dial. A friend of mine owns an Astrographic with a Rotary logo (centered and in that case for obvious reasons on the crystal, not the dial).

It's rare, but not all that odd after all.

If you don't like wearing it (personally I would mind, mainly for aesthetic reasons) I know someone (US based) who might be interested in buying it. As I'm sure other collectors would be.

The model in itself is super cool by the way, I really like it, except the special print....


Google "Saddam Hussein Zodiac watch" and you will find quite a few of them. The 1961 catalog has a section on Zodiac Presentation Watches which companies and government organizations would order. Iraq was a prolific buyer of them. The US Maries bought them for the Leatherneck award. Pepsi, Rotary Clubs, US Steel, the PGA, and a racing organization are some that also come to mind.
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Thank you very much for your feedback. How much might something like this be worth?


That is really going to depend on the buyer. The movement is worth $100.
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Don't see those Saddam Hussein watches come up as often as they used to. Someone must have worked through the supply they had. I'd pay $100 for one if it had him in a turban with a round dial.

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