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Dumb question

Started by Yngve, September 10, 2015, 11:55:48 AM


I recently picked up my dad's old SST (same as my avatar, but in stainless/blue) from the shop after an exhaustive parts search.  All was well, until last evening, when I noticed that it had lost a couple of minutes over the last week.  After correcting the time, I accidently pushed the quickset in.  I proceeded to use the quickset to set the watch back to the correct date, and put the watch away. 

This AM, I put the watch on, and noticed that it had stopped.  Am I missing something?  Some magical incantation (or hidden third crown position) to get it ticking again?

I'm happy to bring it back to the watchmaker, but thought I'd ask here first.


Are you winding the watch fully before putting it on if it is at a dead stop?  Are you wearing it long enough (and being active while doing so) each day to keep it wound up throughout the day, so that it will run overnight and then begin to wind itself back up full power when you put it on the next day?


Thanks for the reply.  It was on my winder last evening, and I did try hand winding today.  No love.


If it is on a winder, and you have tried hand winding as well with no luck then it needs to go back to the watchmaker.  Something is not right. 

From a dead stop, most of the Zodiac autos from the late 50s up through the 90s take between 17-20 full winds to be completely powered to where you will feel the mainspring slipping when continuing to wind them. 

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