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Zodiac SST36000 Crystal

Started by poolside13, March 13, 2019, 11:58:03 AM


I have a zodiac SST36000 (like the one in this picture:
It's the caliber 86.  Was cleaning it yesterday and I managed to crack the acrylic crystal (I think it already had quite a few stress cracks weakening it).

Can anyone tell me what crystal would be a good replacement and if the size is known even better.

Or, how would one determine the proper size with calipers to fit that case?

Secondly, is there any trick to making sure a new stem is cut to the right size to ensure the push quickset date function works to its ability?

I greatly appreciate the assistance!


Give the parts house the case number.
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Case number is 863 931. Hope it helps. Although I don't believe it will work for any part supplier. Parts for these are way outdated.


Regarding your question about fitting a new stem for Zodiac with quick date set feature.
1. Screw in crown tight into position on the stem;
2. Install stem correctly into watch.
3. Put watch in one palm and push crown gently all the way down.
4. If stem is longer than needed, you will see some gap between crown and case. Using caliper, take its measurement by other hand.
5. Remove stem and unscrew the crown.
6. Using caliper measure overall stem length. Calculate desired length subtracting previously taken measure.
7. Using file, remove extra material from the stem, taking measurements as you go.
8. Fit crown tight and install stem to watch.

- I'd suggest to do removing material incrementally, not to remove too much. Otherwise stem will be too short and quick set will not work.
- Fitting crown could require some LockTight compound to fit it securely and prevent accidental unscrewing during service.
- While fitting stem to the watch, pay attention not to pollute the internals with dirt and shaved metal particles. Keep it always clean
- During final assembly don't forget to properly lubricate stem as per Zodiac service requirements.

** Disclaimer: I'm not BWG. Just trying to be helpful.

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