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General Zodiac Discussion / Zodiac Glorious Data graphic
Last post by ndpadgett - April 15, 2024, 10:57:14 AM

Hello forum members. Can anyone help me with this. I am seeking  watch crystal for my Zodiac Glorious Datagraphic. The dimensions are:

Diameter 304
High dome.
It must have a ROUND calendar window, as per the original.

If anyone has one for sale can you drop me a line on

Thank you.
Thanks bumo79. I learned a lot of new info here. Much appreciated.
To my knowledge, the original bracelets for Zodiac were produced by only 5 companies. They were :
- JB Champion (popular in the US)
- NSA Novavit (Swiss brand popular in Europe, legend producing for companies like Certina, Rado, Favre - Leuba. I have 4 Zodiac watches on this bracelet)
- Chatelain (Swiss brand popular in Europe, I have 10 Zodiac watches on this bracelet, they also produced for Omega, Zenith, Favre - Leuba)
- Kreisler Stelux (Hong Kong brand, founded in 1963 popular in Asia, produced for Zodiac)
- Drema Kevin (Hong Kong brand, I know nothing about it,
  but I have the original Astrographic on this bracelet, not just the clasp.
I have never seen the design from your photo. Beware of no-name bracelet type scams with original clasp.
I have an SST type Zodiac Day Date & bracelet is short one link.
Looking for one to match existing links from Zodiac "Bear Hong Kong" bracelet.  Early to mid'70's.
Looks like I have 5 good links on one side vs. 4 on the other. From pic, the side with 4 links shows a sizable difference between link closest to clasp, and one 2nd closest to clasp, like it was removed at one point.

Just a collector (I've bought watches here from Butch, like a lovely orange Sea Wolf back in 2010). Just a fellow Zodiac fan looking to make this watch complete.
Thx Butch, as always. Good to know, and learned something new.

Will do (WTB post)


There were times in the later 70's that they switched from JB Champion to Hong Kong bands. As for links, about all you can do is posy a WTB here in the For Sale forum and watch eBay for them. Good luck!
the last 2 pics were not showing for me, so trying to upload again here
I picked this up a good few years ago, and looks like the one posted by Prodigy79 a few months ago ... similar type movement and dial, but this has day as well as date (unlike just date on other).
The zodiac bracelet is marked "Bear Hong Kong".
Is the bracelet legit for such a watch, or an aftermarket addition?
It is a bit short and looks to me like 4 links on one side vs 5 links on the other. Any idea what the name of this bracelet is, as it would help me find another link ... the missing link so to speak  ;)
I saw this Zodiac on the Internet... / Re: Zodiac 313.29.09
Last post by Butch - March 26, 2024, 03:25:22 AM
I saw this Zodiac on the Internet... / Re: Zodiac 313.29.09
Last post by MineralMan7 - March 25, 2024, 04:57:22 PM
Amazing! What a great community!

If I could ask for one more favour it would be do you think this is authentic? EBay - 285671793268

Again, thank you for your help it's much appreciated!

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