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Vintage Zodiac with modern movement.

Started by denennym, January 06, 2018, 01:07:23 PM


I know this my be sacrilegious here but is there an modern automatic movement that would fit a vintaged Zodiac Seawolf case, dial and hands? Also I have a watch that my Father left me when he passed away. He was in the Airforce and stationed in Taiwan in 1968 not sure if it is real or a fake. I sent it to be repaired and serviced a couple of years ago and the face was replaced. The bezel is original (to this watch) but I've never seen a Zodiac of that vintage with the exact same bezel. I haven't opened the case to look at the movement. My question is, is it a fake or real? I've owned the watch since 1977. Thanks in advance for any information.



While that 1968 a little early for this model, it appears to be all original. In the catalogs there are several different versions of this model. Not being nasty but you would have found it here if you had explored a little.

Nice piece of history and family heirloom there.
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Thanks for the information.

It may not be 1968 that is just when he was in Taiwan. My Dad retired in 1969 and could have bought it at the PX at Maxwell AFB after he retired. I wore it to Afghanistan in his honor. My Dad went to Watch and Jewelry repair school on the GI bill after retirement. So I wasn't sure if he modified it.

What year do you think it is?



They do not appear in the catalogs I have until 1975.
Collecting Zodiacs is not for the meek; be an educated collector.
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It used to be a Sea Wolf in 722 966B case from mid 1970s. Movement for this model was - Zodiac 72B.
In this particular watch:
- Case and bezel are original. Bezel needs restoration;
- Dial is refinished (redial);
- Not original crown;
Why do you think the movement was replaced by modern automatic?
It is almost impossible to fit a dial to other movement with date complication (due to different lags and date aperture layouts) without serious mangling.


I didn't think the movement was replaced with a new movement. I was asking a question if there is a new movement that you could use to put in a vintaged sea wolf if the old movement was unrepairable.

I have since my last post, opened the watch pictured and it is exactly as you have said it is a 72B movement in a 722-966B case.

I need to have it repaired and refurbished is this something that BWG would be interested in doing?


I see. Yes, it is common practice to use the same movement from donor watch if original is rusted or not repairable. Any Zodiac 72B can be used. Preferably with the same number of jewels and the in same grade/finish. 
But your Sea Wolf has a good movement and does not need replacement.

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