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Title: Re: Real Zodiac Musuem Piece
Post by: FIATGUY on June 13, 2012, 04:06:35 pm
New to this site, but no on means "new." I'm in possession of a watch that's 53 years old... and I bought it when I was 23! S/N 1145127. Yep, not new, either of us. Here's a note I sent to Butch which he suggested I post here:


Just an ol' foof here with an Autographic Power Reserve like yours, number six in the top row of "My Watches." However, mine is the black face in SS case. I bought it new at a long-defunct discounter, Masters which was located on Route 4 in, I believe, Hackensack, NJ. This was in the summer of 1959.

I wore it for about 20 years and then started going with more "modern" quartz-driven timepieces. About a year ago I decided I missed Ol' Faithful and had it "restored" by a retired local "watchmaker." I use quotes because this guy was a hack. The swing weight apparently needed new bearings/bushes but he felt that because the weight wouldn't swing that the best thing would be to pound the case back out to clear it! AAAAGH!

Long story short, he fixed the weight problem (and I did a pretty good job of flattening out the screw-on back, if I do say myself) and performed a general cleaning and lubing. I also had the face redone. Nice job but the "warm" tint to the "12" and "6" numerals and hour "ticks" was not re-done.

All in all, I'm happily re-joined with my old friend. It was on my wrist when I got married in 9/60 (still have the watch AND the girl) and through my three year Army career, and traveling to Turkey ("Uncle" work) and around the Continent on pleasure trips.

As an aside, my new watch interests are Skagens... I'm a retired designer and these things are just outstanding in design and execution. (I have eight so far!)

Well, I've taken up enough bandwidth for now. Just wanted to touch base with you as a fellow-traveller in the "world of fine watches."


Bill Schulz, Leesburg, FL. Formerly of Hillsdale/Woodcliff Lake, NJ; Providence, RI; Cheektowaga, NY; Arlington, VA; Ankara, Turkey, Westfield, NJ, and Cornwall, CT.