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Title: manual winding problem
Post by: rluc on July 02, 2015, 06:25:02 am
hi everybody!

I have a  SeaWolf and an aerospace. Since they hadn't been serviced for a long time, I sent them to the watchmaker for a global cleaning.
said that they keep good time and have a 40+h charge reserve, after cleaning the manual wind of both got very tight, almost impossible to manual wind, while automatic charge works well.

my watchmaker said that the iussue had been caused by the fact that the box for the charging gear was usured and once cleaned and removed old grease, it couldn't keep the wheel in correct position. Said that, he told me had never worked on such a movement...
I'm not an expert, is that possible, or may I suspect that It could be reserviced in a better way?



Title: Re: manual winding problem
Post by: Ultra-Vintage on July 02, 2015, 12:24:13 pm
This is something that I hear from many Zodiac owners.  The AS movements do need some extra attention in regards to the automatic assembly to help them wind more smoothly.  However, if he is saying something is out of place, then that may be a different issue all together.  If you cannot wind it manually then it is not truly serviced, and they would only be viable if you were using a winder to keep them wound.

It seems that a watchmaker needs some experience with these movements in order to know how to properly service them, as I see many that have been damaged in an attempt to do so.  Unfortunately, even those with lots of experience working on them still do not go about things properly in some instances.
Title: Re: manual winding problem
Post by: rluc on July 02, 2015, 04:03:33 pm
Unfortunately beiing in Italy these kind of watches are very uncommon.... Has anyone any mounting scheme of the movement?
Or has anybody any right address of someome able to work well on it in the nearby (or at lease in europe)?
Title: Re: manual winding problem
Post by: Butch on July 03, 2015, 08:24:48 am
Hi Luc, 

BWG is more diplomatic and kinder than I am.  What you experienced was an ignorant watchmaker when it comes to Zodiacs, and they always blame the watch.

I only recommend BWG and he is in then US. Email me for his contact info when you are ready for it.