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Author Topic: Havn't been here in quite some time ..scored 2 nice Seawolfs with boxes etc  (Read 296 times)

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Last time I was on this site was in 2020. Then covid hit,luckily I have not got it,got a vaccine, but had forgotten my password. I just got back on today.
Since I have been gone, I bought 2 Sea Wolves, both off ebay complete with box's,papers everything! Both came from the estates of the original owners. One is being serviced as we speak by BWG, I think that is how we refer to him. I have been keeping him busy.
Question: One if them has a bakelite bezel, when did Zodiac  switch from metal to bakelite? See photos. That would give me some ideas when it was made,unless there is a receipt in with the paperwork that came with the manuals and boxes. I will look when I get home. BWG did say,I scored to get all that, especially a one owner . I know,eBay's a crap shoot,I've been fairly lucky.
Glad I took the time to get back on here.I have been reading "Collecting Vintage Zodiac Watches" by our member. Any ideas on dating the bezel date issue would be great!
Thanks and stay safe out there!
 (Wow..It worked got the screengrabs to stick of the SW and box I asked about)
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Some people want to know how a watch works, others just want to know what time it is.

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Welcome back! This first appears in the 1971 catalog.
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Butch,thanks for the timely reply. Your reply beat me home,I will look for a receipt I believe was included with the  complete SW box,manuals etc.     I'm going to be boxing up the watch and bracelet  to send to BWG when I get 2 of mine returned from his awesome servicing. Sure am glad I found him! Sure am glad I took the time to get back on this site! Regards,VinSw in  Washington State
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Some people want to know how a watch works, others just want to know what time it is.


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