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3rd Clebar

Started by Sea Wolf, November 01, 2011, 11:40:04 AM

Sea Wolf

Purchased my 3rd Clebar watch yesterday.  Sent it directly to BWG as the watch does not work.

Will be interested to see if the band is a Zodiac. 

I feel all alone in this forum, does no one else have a Clebar?

Before BWG photo:

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I was never a fan of them.
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I actually wore the Clebar chronograph today that I had restored recently.  I will try to get a pic of it.  ;D

jon p

 :wehe :ur  sea wolf, looks like UV is the only other mamber that owns one!! i guess you bought all of them! the first one you got is my favorite by far, but this one looks good too. i had never heard of the brand til we started discussing them here. as the little german guy on laugh in said"very interesting".


Jon, I thought laugh-in was some of the watch listing "buy it now" prices over on the 'bay! LOL!


I've bought a Clebar (Carrera Style) a while ago, it is currently for a service at my watchmaker. For the time being, I have only this picture of it ......


Here is my Clebar chronograph.  A pretty standard dive chronograph, most Swiss companies made a watch that looked very similar to this one during that time.  The only thing that changed from company to company was the dial color and the depth ratings really.  This one claims to be 20atm, with a screw in back, waterproof pushers, and an oversized non-screwdown crown.  I would not have wanted to try more than a couple of hundered feet with it when it was brand new though  ;D  It is not as flashy as some of my other chronographs, and that is why I like it.  It is on vintage aged genuine crocodile band with light gray contrasting stitching.


Hey, that's a nice diver's watch! I like the hour markers. Exactly that model is currently for sale on ebay (Buy-now) (see ID 150667708809). (I am not the seller and have no connections to him.)


I just saw the posts on Clebar watches and thought I would add my two cents. :)

I recently obtained a Titus Clebar 17J automatic DD model. I have no idea if "Clebar" is the Clebar referenced this discussion, but it could be. The watch is marked Solvil ET Titus Geneve on the rear screw-in cover. The watch has a faceted crystal and a two tone dial depending on which angle the dial is viewed from.


 but this one looks good too.     :woohoo;
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