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Who is BWG?

Started by Butch, November 15, 2013, 07:17:16 PM


I have had some questions of late so I wanted to throw this out there. BWG (Butch's Watch Guy) is a concept. The current one is #6 since the 1990's, and it may not be who you think it is today. Why? Well, that is my business. BWG can change for a myriad of reasons. Decisions have been made over the years by either me or certain watchmakers to part ways, for many reasons. What I need in a watchmaker is what every Zodiac collector needs in a watchmaker. Someone that knows what he is doing, does it well, and stands behind their work. Most watchmakers can do this but don't have Zodiac parts. But let's look what BWG has done, or is currently working on.

      - He is doing things for ALL zodiac collectors that no other BWG has cared, wanted, or tried to do.
      - He has a re-plating process for metal SW bezels.
      - He is working on a process to restore the acrylic SW bezels.
      - He has a Astrographic replacement crystals!
      - He has found a way to repair the screw down crowns for the 1990's models

  • Then there is the fact that he spends the money and buys up all the Zodiac parts he comes across, knowing full well that he will be years getting his money out of those parts. I know for a fact he sent a guy to Philly to buy up a lot of parts for over $1,000.00 a couple years ago when he found some parts were available.

These few things alone make him invaluable to me in referring Zodiac collectors to him. These are the sorts of things I need in a BWG. Any watchmaker can service a Zodiac. Few have the parts NOR the inclination to actually restore them.

I have you email me for the contact info so that BWG knows the referral comes from VZ. This helps supplement 2 web sites that have NEVER been in the black since either one was started. And if you use BWG, you should to refer to him as BWG in the forum as that is what people are searching for. No matter which one it was.

For the record, YuriyV (here, vakulenko_69 on eBay) is not BWG.,2860.msg12209.html#msg12209
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