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Title: Zodiac Chronograph
Post by: Rgotte on November 29, 2012, 01:59:11 pm
I bought my father a chronograph from the PX in 1971 as I was stationed at Ft Rucker, Alabama which was and still is a site for helicopter training for the US Army.  I was not a pilot at the time but my father was a "private pilot".  Thus the chronograph.  He wore the watch exclusively for many years after that.  It finally quit running in the late 80's or early 90's and was set aside in a jewelry box. He passed away in 1996 and I got the jewelry box.  I don't know why I never investigated the watch before this week but I pulled it out to do some internet research on it.  With the help of the "vintage zodiac" website I have determined  it to be a Zodiac Chrono12.  I am sending to BWG for service.  I am looking forward wearing it in the near future.
Title: Re: Zodiac Chronograph
Post by: Cobber on November 29, 2012, 06:17:11 pm
Oh man,...that's awesome.  That's a great watch.  Vintage Zodiacs such as yours are often difficult to find because they were tool watches and were treated as such.  Nice to hear it's been in your family the whole time.  I have a couple of my fathers and they always remind me of family.