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Title: Long Love
Post by: Butch on January 12, 2013, 12:01:38 pm
I just got this in an email.

Fifty seven years ago my  husband was stationed in Korea near the DMZ when our anniversary came around.  He kept looking at a beautiful watch in the PX wishing he could afford to buy it for me. Times were tough for us with a small child with my trying to make ends meet on army pay and part time work.  He knew he could not afford the $200 price tag on the watch but kept looking at it each time he went to the PX. One day while there he discovered they were clearing out the inventory and the watch had been reduced to $40.  I received one of the nicest gifts I'd ever hoped for and we'll soon be celebrating our 60th anniversary.
The watch still keeps perfect time, has a 14K yellow gold case, gold numerals, white face. From reading  your information, I know I've missed having it serviced properly but have never really trusted anyone to do the job. One time a jeweler said i'd probably be better off just buying a new watch. I've wondered since if he would've liked to have taken my watch on a trade.

Your web site is so very interesting.  Thank you for the information.