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Title: Help re Zodiac repair
Post by: Butch on July 19, 2013, 05:40:36 pm
From an email I just received.....bd

I came across your site and hope you can help me out with repair/service.

I got my Zodiac Sea Wolf automatic when I was recovering from surgery aboard the USS Repose off the coast of South Vietnam in November 1968. I had emergency pay of $50 and the watch cost $45. The model with date cost $50 but I saved out $5 to buy candy to take back to my Marine unit in the field! Until I left the field in July 1969 it was the watch that was passed from Marine to Marine on guard at  night because of the luminescent dial.
Wore it daily for about 20 years, but it took a dunking in salt water and really never was right after that despite being serviced several times.

The only other vintage Zodiac owner I know is an old acquaintance who picked his up in Vietnam while in the Army.
Would love to get it back to really proper working order as you can imagine it has great sentimental value and is a terrific watch whose style holds up to today's watches.