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Title: My Sea Wolf
Post by: ElTejon on December 18, 2013, 07:41:24 PM
I'm a newbie here but I've had my Sea Wolf since 1970. I used to wear it 24/7/365 but stopped wearing a watch daily quite a while ago. My watch did get used during dives until ~10 years ago when I started using dive computers. So it went into a drawer.

I go to Oaxaca, Mex regularly and this last trip I decided I wanted to wear a watch, so out came the Sea Wolf. It was old, not expensive, not blingy so if some misfortune befell it, NBD.

It performed admirably; so how much is this thing worth anyway. OK, I found that this not a cheap @imex type of watch, and there is a following. Nice.

Now, I have obtained a GMT and would like to know a bit more about it, and how to set the 24 hour hand. Any manual available? I would also like to get an original band if possible, or something similar to the original. I see where the site owner, Butch, had some engraved bands, still for sale?

I've attached a couple of pix of my Sea Wolf.
Title: Re: My Sea Wolf
Post by: Cobber on August 21, 2014, 06:09:30 PM
Pretty sweet original Sea Wolf there and a rare one. Surprised no one commented on it. Everyone must have been dealing with the holidays.