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Title: 1930 automatic?
Post by: brtime on September 16, 2021, 05:11:50 pm
Hi all. I'm updating an article I wrote on Zodiac watches back in 2003. (Thank you, Butch, for your help on that article!)  I referenced in that article an automatic watch that Zodiac reportedly came out with circa 1930. Does anyone know anything about it? Did it feature the conventional rotor design or was it something more exotic like the Buren 525? I can only find one reference to the watch that someone posted on Pinterest, and it looks like just a movement and dial, but no case. The guy also didn't post a picture of the movement. Any help would be appreciated.

Some of you may know I suffered a stroke back in January. Had to learn how to walk again. I have just recently gotten back into watches and am dusting off some of my old articles that ran in the NAWCC Bulletin and and NAWCC Chapter 181 "Wristwatchers" newsletter(now defunct). I've been posting some of these updated articles on on Blogger.com and other social media sites.

Many thanks for your help.

Bruce Shawkey