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Title: Zodiac 'Red Dot ' Diver
Post by: ramain21 on August 30, 2009, 10:06:19 am
I have just purchased (which has not arrived yet) a Zodiac Red Dot Diver along with a group of other watches. My question is what can you tell me about the Red Dot Diver. I have been collecting watches for about 15 years and know nothing about this particular watch, i.e. what is the significance of the Red Dot on the dial and does it serve a purpose and in terms of parts is it possible to replace the rotating bezel? Thank you. Bob
Title: Re: Zodiac 'Red Dot ' Diver
Post by: JDS (Ohio) on August 31, 2009, 01:17:05 pm

The Point series was around in the 1990s, maybe as early as the '80s.  Zodiac used the system for ascending price bracket sports watches in their line.   The Red Point was seemingly the more common workhorse level  (but darned well made, nonetheless), the Silver Point was the next sep up, and the Gold Point was supposedly the top of the line.  Each had was denoted by a dot on the dial in the corresponding color.  The Sea Wolf line also acquired a blue dot on the dial in that time period, they retained the Sea Wolf model name on the dial. 

When I first saw Zodiacs in jewelers in Cincinnati, they were all Point models except for the Super Sea Wolf.  I think the point series were the brainchild of Willi Monnier, who had been part of TAG Heuer previously, and the Red Point and Silver Point divers and GMTs had a decidedly TAG family resemblance.   If I recall correctly, they were marketed here (USA, midwest) as being equivalent to a TAG, but at about a $100 lower price point.  To my mind at least, they were also better looking than the TAGs.

In spite of the ascending price levels, the only Point series watches I've seen with an automatic movement have been Red Points - ETA 7750 powered chronographs and the odd Red Point automatic diver.  I have 2 of the Red Point automatic chronographs myself, a black and a blue dial, both keepers.

Butch probably has much more information.
Title: Re: Zodiac 'Red Dot ' Diver
Post by: Butch on August 31, 2009, 02:18:49 pm
You are correct on all points John.

I can look it up in a 90's catalog if I have the model number off it.

Bezels, HA! Next question?
Title: Re: Zodiac 'Red Dot ' Diver
Post by: ramain21 on August 31, 2009, 07:25:36 pm
Thank you!!
My best, BOB