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Title: My 1970's Zodiac
Post by: 88mont on July 16, 2010, 06:58:06 am
Hi Zodiac lovers,

It has been almost 40 years. I got my Zodiac from the inheritance of my great-uncle - Hillel Robert Chelouche.
He was an architect, who never married, and was very active in bringing the family together.
Back in 1967 he started a tradition of having the Passover Seder of all the family, once every two years.
He passed away in 1971, and in his last will and testament he allocated a sum for the purchase of 75 Zodiac watches for all the descendants of his father - Yosef Elivayhu Eliyhau Chelouche. I was 15 at the time, and wore the Zodiac during my high-school years for about 3 years.
I saved it in the drawer ever since.

Now, I am researching the history of this great-uncle, and pulled out the watch out of the drwaer. It is not working - I'll take care of it soon.
The bracelet is too tight - and I have no spare links to enlarge it.
Would appreciate if someone can advise on where I can get spare links.
I would like very much to start using the watch again...in loving memory of my great-uncle.


Tari Chelouche